When I sat down to write my first blog post for my new website, I quickly became overwhelmed by what to cover in my first post! Do I cover design in this first one, do I cover real estate, staging…so much to choose from! So I decided to make an introduction and give a little history. I had a website for many years that was just my graphic design work and then realized I needed to capture my other design work. I also had a real estate website, but I really felt pulled to combine it all into one site so people understand the full scope of what I do. I had a blog on my real estate website and maybe did three posts and never looked at it again. I have big plans to not do that here!

In the past few years, I have rediscovered my love for writing. And by writing, I mean just “casual” writing. I am not a writer but “casual” writing is something I enjoy. But please know, you will see improper punctuation, overuse of exclamation points and run on sentences in my blog posts, but hang in there because it should be mildly entertaining and hopefully some snippets of useful information. I will cover all things “house” related…design, planning, construction, colors, materials, etc. I may also throw in some fun thing like recipes and just general style ideas. It all relates in some way, so I hope you will check back, and “nudge” me if you come back and I have not posted anything new. I hope my passion for what I do shows through in this blog. I am very blessed to be able to do a variety of things on a daily basis that keeps my clock ticking, because we creative types tend to get bored so change is critical to my existence! I plan to keep this blog pretty casual so you can get to know me. You can see my work on my website but this is a place to get to know me. I am not very social media savvy and quite honestly have fought it because I am fiercely private but this blog feels like a place I can share ideas and thoughts in a productive way. I hope to share some useful information and ideas. I hope you will find some inspiration here!

I just started, what I hope to be ongoing. I posted a fun tile photo on Instagram for #tiletuesday. I need to come up with names for the rest of the week as they relate to my work. I will share my own work there as well as maybe just some cool ideas! I guess I better learn how to do hashtags! Look at me…blogs, website, Instagram, hashtags…stick around — it should be entertaining!

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