1. Choose accessories that are larger in scale so the you don’t end up with lots of “small” things.
  2. Less is more, even with color — use your pops of color in places you can change out such as pillows, throws, and accent chairs. Stay neutral with your larger items like sofas, rugs, beds and walls. Trust me…you will tire of them at some point!
  3. Use real or good quality faux plants in every room — even if it is just a small simple succulent in a bathroom for a piece of life!
  4. Layer your sofa with pillows and throws. Layer your bed with pillows, throws, comforters and quilts. Layer your accessories also. If you have a console table with a tall vase then hang something on the wall behind it to create a layered look.
  5. Mix metals — gold hardware can be mixed with black bathroom faucets. A silver lamp can be sitting on a steel table.
  6. Try and get a mix of materials in each space — wood, metal, concrete, stone, tile and fabric.
  7. Less is more (again) — don’t keep buying every single cute item you see. Be selective and choose pieces that will be timeless.
  8. Lighting is key — lots and lots of lamps with the right color of bulbs. More on bulbs in another post!
  9. Use baskets and trays in any spaces that require lots of “things” to contain those “things” in an attractive tray or basket.
  10. Be creative! Don’t be afraid to do things you would not normally think of — like putting a lamp in a bathroom.

And most importantly — HAVE FUN! Cheers everyone!