“Creativity is the essence of humanity.”
— Unknown

Sometimes we have to shake things up to find fresh creativity. I don’t ever take vacations but I took the time to “shake things up” and took just a weekend trip. The beach. The sun. The sand. The salt. I saw friends I have not seen in years and I came back inspired, motivated and energized! I highly recommend shaking things up to spark creativity! I know I will be more productive this coming week than I would have been without getting away. And when you get away, I encourage you to pay attention and listen. You will find inspiration surrounds you! I do “wear many hats” but it’s what keeps my blood flowing! I saw some new architecture, I saw some new furniture, I met new people, I picked up new magazines and I conversed with old friends. Sandra always inspires me with either her own work or just a word or 3 that motivates me. Thank you old friend! I hope you will get out there and shake things up this week. Even if you can’t get out of town, go for a drive on a road you’ve never been, call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, pay attention and listen. The world around you will always inspire! Cheers to a creative week ahead!

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