Some projects seem simple from the outside looking in, but that is not always the case. I am working on my own personal remodel right now and there are some days I go over there and feel like there is no progress — and I am heavily involved in the down and dirty work of it! But I keep reminding myself of all of the “behind the walls” things that are happening every day and getting done. It sometimes feel slow going until the “pretty” details start coming together. I was reminded of this as I overhead a group of women behind me at lunch yesterday. One of the group must be building a new home and was expressing her frustration with her friends about her builder. I don’t know anything about what was happening with her project but it just reminded me to take a deep breath and remember that what is getting done every single day, that isn’t the most visible, is still very important. When the “behind the walls” is done well, it is a house that will have good bones for many many years to come. So next time you have frustration with a builder or contractor, also appreciate that some of what they are doing is not always visible. A great example of this in my own house is my shiplap ceiling in my master bedroom. It looks like a pretty simple shiplap ceiling but the reality of it is, that hours of planning went into the layout of it to be able to use 16’ boards and not have any seams. The amount of added labor to get the 16’ boards up to the 2nd story came with a whole other set of challenges. And then to find out the ceiling had quite a bit of sag in it, so 108 measurements were taken and 108 locations were shimmed in order to start with a plumb ceiling to attach the shiplap to. Just an example of all of the work that goes into making something look pretty! I hope this helps next time you are feeling frustrated with your project and feeling like it is not progressing. Be patient — it is not always visible!