If you are getting ready to sell your home, staging makes all the difference! It doesn’t have to be overly complicated but simple tricks go a long way in getting your home sold faster. It really does make a difference. As a realtor and designer, I have seen it over and over first hand. Here are some tips, if you are getting ready to sell.

  1. Clean, clean, clean…it makes a difference. A visibly cared for home makes buyers feel better about your home. Change your air filters and dust those return air vents!
  2. Declutter like you have never decluttered. Less really is more! Even if you have to box it up, put it away. People will focus on your “stuff” so put it away.
  3. Bring in some “life” in the form of either good faux plants, fresh flowers or tree trimmings in a vase of water but bring in life! It makes people feel at home.
  4. Lighting is super duper important! Clean your windows and let the light in. Turn on lamps and try and have lamps in every room. HomeGoods offer some great inexpensive lamps. But make sure and use good bulbs. Not too cool – cool light feels cold, so use warmer or neutral bulbs. Change any burned out light bulbs.
  5. Neutralize as much as possible even if it means painting a few key rooms. You may love fire engine red but it is not universally appealing so tone down colors where you can because you are trying to be universally appealing.
  6. Bring in some fresh throw pillows. They are inexpensive and can bring a current feel to a dated space.
  7. Put away ALL personal items. No one wants to see your toothbrush and people WILL stop and stare at your family photos so put them away.
  8. Pick a few key areas to spend a little money on “sprucing” up — living room, kitchen and master bedroom. Even if you don’t have the budget to repaint the whole house, just focus on those areas and freshen up those areas up as much as possible.
  9. Use baskets and trays to hide the everyday things you just really can’t put away. Baskets look good and they help “contain” so it looks less cluttered.
  10. Take photos just to see how your space looks in a photo and it will help you see your house differently and will help with the simplifying process.

Don’t stress and have fun with it! Happy selling and cheers everyone!